Dear reader,

My name is Astrid Mulder and I was born in Hilversum in 1956. I was the only girl in a family with 4 children. Because my two elder brothers are 7 and 8 years older then me and my younger brother was born 7 years after me, I was left to my own devices.

Due to the fact that we moved several times for my fathers work , I amused myself with tinkering and drawing.

I married and had three children, one girl and 2 boys.
At that time I assisted the school with the crafts lesson and we made all kinds of things which we sold at the annual fair. At that period I found a book about making dolls!!
This fascinated me enormously. I bought the book at that moment I was hooked.
I used Papadur, a very strong material, but not very suitable for making the heads of dolls and totally unsuitable for making hands, for which I used fimo clay.

After 12 years my marriage ended and I also stopped making dolls.

I met my present husband and suddenly I did not have 3 but 5 children. You can say my house was pretty full.
For that reason and due to the fact that making dolls belonged to a part of my life that I had closed, I hesitated to start again. But thanks to my husband (whom I wish to thank enormously) I started again. At first I had to cope with the hectic of a big family and four house moves. Due to the fact that my children left home, I have time to spare and I started making dolls again.

In the meantime, I have joined the F.F. Forum, which gives me great encouragement, due to all the participants who are addicted with the same amount of enthusiasm.

At this moment I use Premier clay I am very pleased with this : with a smooth and high quality finish, comparable to the Papdur and the clay is relatively strong so that the hands are also no problem For the eyes I use glass bear's eyes. For the dresses I use everything I can find, peaces of lace, fine cloths, feathers, beads, silk flowers etc., etc.

I have enough plans for the future in any event, making a lot of dolls and for the next year exhibiting at the fair in the Ahoy.

I wish you a lot of fun watching and maybe we meet in the Ahoy !