The basis skeleton is made from electrical wire that is normally used for electrical cabling in houses. This can be purchased in almost all DIY shops. I use the blue wire but the brown or the yellow/green would be equally suitable. The black wire is thinner and is not as firm when modeling.

First, I wrap a layer of aluminum foil around the rear of the skeleton which I fix with masking tape. Then I tape the arms up to the elbows and the legs up to the knees with the same tape. On top of this I model the body plus the arms and the legs up to the sockets. The hands and part of the lower arms and the section between the feet and the knee are modeled separately and then slid over the wire and fixed to the upper arm and leg. For the modeling I sometimes use an initial layer of Papydur and on top of this a finishing layer of self hardening Premier clay.

The head is made from a foam ball that is cut to the right shape. Then a layer of Premier clay is applied and the head is finished with glaze. Then the head is sanded, sanded and sanded.

The layer of paint is first prepared with spray filler which is sanded down between coats. Finally, several layers of car paint are applied and finished off with a few layers of white mat paint from Talens.